Goodbye Dear One: On Euthanizing a Pet

Goodbye Dear One How old am I? I just couldn't say, I lived in the moment, For each day to day. All I've known Is chase, and play Guarding you, to Do as you say. It's been so great to be in your Pack Included in all things, We each "got our backs" But then […]

My Cat Chews When I Scratch The Top of Its Tail

Dr Johnson writes a brief article with video of the phenomenon, as an explanation for why overweight cats often "chew the air" (and anything else they can reach) when you scratch the top of their tails.  Here's a link to "My Cat Bites Me or The Air When I Scratch His Tail Top"  

New Article: How Your Dog SHOULD Eat

Excerpted from this candid and accurate article: "When a dog is eventually at a healthy weight it will get PICKY about dry dog food. If we left it at that, our dogs would never get fat. At that point it’s your call whether you mix something in the dry food to coaxe a lean dog […]