Henry: Possible Skin Disease

Skin allergies, often manifest as chronic infections and itching and sores in the skin. They are like three sisters. It’s kind of rare to have one without the others.
Not all allergy progresses to infection.
Not all infection is caused by allergy.
Not all allergy causes sores.
But most of the time, most of the time it’s a triad..
For dogs like Henry, sometimes what I’ll do is check them out and if it’s determined, they should be on antibiotics through a cycle, or seasonally, we’ll fix the record so that you can get those as needed.
Figuring that out, is a combination of questions, direct exam of the lesions, figuring out if they’re infected or not, and whether they need to be separated from something else. Tomorrow I will look at his record and see what it reveals. It might be good to take a quick peek at him.

Author: Erik J