Surgery Recovery Suits Instead of Cones: Recommended and Which One?

Surgery Recovery Suits have a few features to look for:

These features are IMPORTANT

  1. You might need one with full front leg coverage
  2. You might need one with full hind leg coverage.
  3. And you just might need to protect the dog’s trunk or soft parts like the following one:

So one feature is leg coverage or not.

The second feature is whether the dog can still get to it’s soft parts. (Private parts) which is sometimes undesirable)

In the above image –  there is NO ACCESS TO HER GIRLPARTS –  the hole is for where the dog’s tail goes through. YOU HAVE TO OPEN THE SUIT FOR THE DOG TO PEE AND POOP.

Which leads me to my NEXT feature and that’s the VELCRO tabs you see going up on her sides. That makes this thing

  1. Infinitely adjustable
  2. Quick to open and reclose

So make SURE when you buy that you get the one that protects the girl / boy parts if that is the “point” of the suit. And make sure it’s got the tabs going  up the sides of the abdomen and:

  1. NOT zipper
  2. NOT snaps.

Any Surgery Recovery Suit you choose should have two Velcro tabs running up either side of the abdomen in front of the hind legs. THAT is adaptability and ease-of-use.

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Author: Erik J