Avoid Profithost.com Life Time Hosting Scam Review

I bought Profithost lifetime hosting with high hopes and immediately the site went down. Reaching out to the support staff I was informed the outage was temporary and that demand had rapidly outstripped the servers and they were migrating. Over a week later the server FINALLY comes back up, with crippling defects on the server […]

Searching Google for RFID Pet Chip Codes Free

Google can find Pet RFID Chips once they're registered at Chippedpets.com For free, you can register your pet's chip or tattoo, and in a week, Google will return whatever information you enter when someone searches your pet's chip. If you ever thought it would be great for RFID's to be searchable in Google without drilling […]

Fishdoc.co.uk And Microscope Training

Fishdoc.co.uk And Microscope Training Over at fishdoc.co.uk there are about ten pages that take you through how to use a microscope. The detail is great, and the author is good at educating a non-technical person. Frank Prince-Iles wrote these tutorials probably 19 years ago. Not much has changed, but the articles were updated with some […]

Treating Infections and Ulcers in Koi and Goldfish

Treating Infections and Ulcers in Koi and Goldfish Besides discovering and correcting environmental problems with the situation, attacking bacterial infections in Koi and Goldfish is a large undertaking. Especially if the infection is impacting the ability of the fish to breathe: The GILLS.  The facilities can be very large as in the case of ponds. […]

Fish Diseases Fixed By A Good Environment?

Fish Diseases Fixed By A Good Environment? It's been said that "If you take care of the water, the fish take care of themselves" and I believe there's a BIG grain of truth in that.  So much so, that I honestly believe that if you provided 90% of species of aquarium or pond fish with […]

New Resources When Treating Fish Diseases

Resources when facing fish health diseases, symptoms of illness like white spot, and parasite treatments. There is a lot of information on the internet but it can come from inexperienced sources, and in many cases now, may be a 'bad-translation' of stolen content. It's a "thing" these days.  "Change enough words and it's not plagiarism!" […]

Goodbye Dear One: On Euthanizing a Pet

Goodbye Dear One How old am I? I just couldn't say, I lived in the moment, For each day to day. All I've known Is chase, and play Guarding you, to Do as you say. It's been so great to be in your Pack Included in all things, We each "got our backs" But then […]

My Cat Chews When I Scratch The Top of Its Tail

Dr Johnson writes a brief article with video of the phenomenon, as an explanation for why overweight cats often "chew the air" (and anything else they can reach) when you scratch the top of their tails.  Here's a link to "My Cat Bites Me or The Air When I Scratch His Tail Top"  

New Article: How Your Dog SHOULD Eat

Excerpted from this candid and accurate article: "When a dog is eventually at a healthy weight it will get PICKY about dry dog food. If we left it at that, our dogs would never get fat. At that point it’s your call whether you mix something in the dry food to coaxe a lean dog […]